Project Selvage Spoonflower Fabric Contest & a Giveaway


 (Giveaway now closed!!!! Winner is Jenette who said, "I voted! Very cute!")

Here's your chance to make a difference!!!

Out of over 1000 people who submitted for this contest , I was chosen as a semi-finalist into the top 75. Now it's up to the consumers (YOU) to vote for your favorites!!

If I make it into the top 10, I will get to design 5 coordinating fabrics to go with my design. Then, there will be another round of voting (so you may be hearing from me again).....The collection that gets the most votes will win a contract with Michael Miller Fabrics and an all-expense paid trip to the Quilt Market in Houston! This is a chance in a lifetime.

Please take one second and go and vote for me AND ALL OF THE OTHER AMAZING DESIGNS!!!

If you vote for me (AND ALL OTHERS YOU CHOOSE), you will be entered into a giveaway for a completely FREE product from paper coterie . (including shipping).

PLEASE GO AND VOTE FOR ALL YOUR FAVORITES (NOT JUST MINE). In fact, I have a friend who is also participating in the contest!!!

Here's how to enter the giveaway! (there are 3 ways to enter the giveaway)
1. After you've voted, come back here and tell me you've voted.
2. Post this link on your Facebook page, telling your friends to go and vote, and then come and leave another comment.
3. Post about the contest on your BLOG, and then come back here and leave a comment.

This giveaway will close on April 7, 2011 (after this round of voting is closed).

I've attached a picture of my fabric for reference. Designs appear in a different order for each person who votes.

free Easter Card


Hello again!
I've just designed a fun FREE Easter card, for all of you chick lovers. The card is made using a fun watercolor texture.

This card is for personal use only and may not be resold. Download the card here {right click to download}.

You may also be interested in my new chirpchirp patterns that coordinate the card perfectly. Use them to line an envelope or make some Easter treats and label them with one of my patterns.

ChirpChirp {5 new patterns}

Hello Friends!
I hope you are having a good weekend. I know I am. I wanted to share with you my new paper patterns I designed for personal use. Most of the designs came to me in the wee hours of the morning when I got up to use the restroom. Seriously, the images just popped up in my head and I immediately found some paper and drew them, then attempted to go back to sleep. {which never happens because I'm a horrible insomniac}. I've been trying out the watercolors lately and decided to incorporate the watercolor textures into some of my patterns.

But other than not getting much sleep lately, I've had a terrific time crafting and using my new papers for Springtime fun! You can now purchase my new chirpchirp paper line on etsy . For only $10, you have unlimited personal use of these papers. Make pennants, cards, placeholders, name cards, party favors, notebooks or even gift tags out of these spring florals. Here are some fun ideas!

Cut out triangle shapes and glue them to string to make a pennant, then just add scrapbooking alphabet letters to make words. I also made tissue paper flowers using this tutorial. Cut out tiny tissue flowers and tape to branches.

Cut out paper and using a simple stitch sew the pages together, or just use staples. Cut out simple tags and use them on vases or for gifts.

sneak peek of spring


paper coterie


Paper Coterie has finally launched (well the Beta anyway)! My husband's company Rivetal created the website. And I helped create a few of their projects. I did a couple calendars and this Oh Baby book a super long time ago.

These are the original patterns and colors. It was so fun to create, because I had free rein on patterns and colors. So much fun! I used a wacom tablet to draw all the patterns. (click on images to make them bigger or visit Paper Coterie).

This is another calendar I did, probably 2 years ago. Wow, time flies.

These are my patterns, but in vintage colorways. I like it! It's totally different from the originals, but so cute!

 This is a book that my husband created like 2 years ago as well. So fun to see it finally available to purchase!

wedding gift bag at TARGET!!!!

I was so excited to see this at Target this weekend. I went with my MIL, who also happens to be graphic designer and loves it as well. I even signed one ladies silly huh?

project selvage


I just entered the contest for project selvage . If I make it into the top 75 (which I'm sure I will), I'm going to host a giveaway for those who VOTE for me. The rules will be simple. Vote for me and you'll be entered into the contest!

I had so much fun designing this! Although, I must say, designing for a baby girl is much easier....maybe because I have one.

epic letterpress machine


I just purchased one of these for my designer/nerd husband for his birthday that's coming up in 2 months from today.....

ok, so I may use it as well....hee hee hee.

You, too, can get a discount . Thanks to Jessica of howaboutorange  (until March 22) and FREE nesting frames with purchase by March 20. So you better hurry before this deal is over!

growth chart


Because my daughter cut up her other growth chart ( PetiteLemon sent me one of their testprints on heavyweight paper), I decided to order another one. I had recently designed this one and was waiting for it to go live on their website. I'm so glad that I got this one on CANVAS, so hopefully Char won't cut it up this time. Plus, it matches the decor in her room perfectly! Thanks Paula for the credits, so it only cost me for shipping! Nice! Plus it's nice to work for a company that makes such cute stuff!

I made that doll for Char out of vintage handkerchiefs when she was still in the womb. So fun! I also made the pennant to match her adorable bedding. I love having a daughter to sew things for!

And, here's a few more details!



I spotted a few more of my designs over at Shutterfly today. I designed them for Petite Lemon originally. It's always fun to see what you can do in a 5x7inch space....



I've been inspired lately by the lovely artist Katie Daisy . I thought I was seeing a trend with watercolor and textures, but it's all her work. First I saw her work on etsy. Then I saw some cute Valentine's Day Cards at Joanns, and then a whole endcap at Target with bags, wraps and even plates. I loved it so much, I wanted to get out the old Watercolors and try some things for a client. So, I did. It only took me an hour to find all of my supplies, but I finally did. Hurrah!

This one below is made by lots of water and adding the pigment soon after and then running it (by picking up the page and moving the water around). I then added salt as the last step and the salt picks up the pigment and makes for some sweet texture! It's my favorite!

This one was made with lots of pigment and a dry brush swept across the page. Fun, too, but not as fun as bleeding the pigment with a wet brush. 

Note: colors have been changed slightly with Photoshop on this last one, it's neater that way...hee hee hee. I'm always amazed what I can do in Photoshop.

design contest

Just finished up a design for the josephjoseph kitchenware (worktop savers) contest. I stayed up way to late designing last night, but I had an idea and I had to execute it. Here are the two I submitted last night (since the deadline is today). Here's to hoping....

 This is a pattern I used for an old sockittome design contest, but I thought I'd try it's luck one more time...

a few more designs


There are a few more of my designs up on petite lemon's site. I'm so excited! I have so much fun working with Paula and Hillary! Thanks for the work! Can't wait to show you more!