sock it to me sock designs


Here are a few sock designs I submitted into the sock it to me design contest. Each contestant was allowed up to 5 designs. So, these are the three that I submitted.

I didn't have a whole lot of time, so I just used some previous designs and then applied them to the sock template.

Wish me luck...

boba contest


I thought I might take you through a bit of my design process as I share with you my submission through Spoonflower for the Boba Carrier .

I really had fun with this. I started with some inspiration. I can't remember where I found the tea towel, but the other two are from Heidi Popovic. I loved the colors and wanted something organic and light-hearted. The theme was nature, which left it wide open, so I decided to stick with leaves, since this would apply to both young and old, male and female.

Here is my initial sketch. Which was actually an accident that I drew over my leaves. But it turned out being a good thing.

And here is the final outcome. Once I bring it into Illustrator I just start playing with shapes that I think look well together. This one took me about 1.5 hours to do.

I thought it turned out nicely. If you would like to view more of the designs, visit the Spoonflower flickr site.

There are contests almost every week over at Spoonflower. Go check them out.

I also plan on submitting designs into a few more contests.

This love typography card contest put on by Tigerprint.

And this sock contest hosted by SockItToMeSocks.

They both look fun, huh? Good luck.

If you are a designer I would love for you to post a comment of a design you did for a contest.

Postcard Calendar Sale


My 2010 Postcard Calendar is now on sale through the end of February for only $5!!! At the end of February I will be taking it out of Etsy store, unless it is specially requested.

Thanks and have an amazingly wonderful day!!!

few fav's on Etsy

Here are a few of my latest fav's on Etsy. Enjoy!

Kindergarten Bag by trulakids. I think this would look so cute as a baby bag. Don't you?

Zinc Pitcher by greatfindz. Loving this. I would totally use it too!

Antique Wooden Stamp Set in Marchare's Shop. I've been wanting an alphabet stamp set for a while. And I think this one would be just right for what I'd use it for.

Vintage Metal Gear from twoartdirector's shop. I just want this because it looks cool. I would hang it on my wall for sure.

Lace Doily Serving Plate by FoxAndClover. Isn't this beautiful! Just discovered them via decor8. She hand paints them! Gorgeous huh?

Vintage Book Bundle by LostandFawnedHome.

Oh, how I love a good vintage book. Wouldn't these be awesome restored? I would take their guts out and put brand new blank pages inside.

Mochi Ball Ice Cream & A New Shirt


Charlotte and I had a blast making Mochi Ice cream using this recipe . It was a cinch. I am surprising Chris tonight (unless he reads this before he gets home...) with Mochi Ice cream and Japanese Curry. I finally discovered a little oriental Market place in Provo. I was wondering if there was any store like that for a while now. I'm so glad that I found it. I'm definitely going back to purchase Tim Tams. The first time I tried them was in Australia and I remember how good they were. But they were like $7 so I'm going to have to wait.

I found the shirt at JC Penney during their 80% clearance and got it for only $1.50. It's a size 4T, but it doesn't look it, does it. I just added the flowers by sewing on wads of strips of fabric. Cute huh? This tutorial gave me the inspiration for the shirt. So fun.

I also made Char a dress yesterday too. I was totally in this sewing mood and I couldn't stop. I don't think I went to bed till 12 midnight last night. I'll post the dress probably on Sunday. I'm giving it to Char for Valentine's Day. I can't wait for her to wear it. So cute!!!

Happy Weekend to everyone! Have a good one!!!

Bookmaking Class at Patina


Well, it's finally here! If you are in the Pleasant Grove Utah area and would like to learn how to make one of these awesome books, then you had better stop on by Patina or give Nichole a call, because seats are going fast!

Elmo Cake


You'll never believe what I got to do this weekend... I created an Elmo cake for my daughter. We celebrated her second birthday. It was so much fun watching the kids enjoy the different games, but especially the cake.

This is Char enjoying the cake!

The cake was so much fun to make. I used two round cakes and then cut them out in the shape of Elmo. I used cupcakes for his eyes and a cupcake top for his nose. It took a whole bottle of red food coloring (the real good stuff) and almost a whole pack of red Kool-aid to get the frosting red. I borrowed some cake decorating supplies from a friend and did the rest. Chris helped too and put the frosting on the sides. My hand was hurting by the time I finished the top. Sheesh!

Top view of the Elmo cake.

Do you have any pictures of fun cakes that you have made? I'd love to know. Feel free to share them with me.