simple accordion book


{simple accordion style book, cover is Amy Butler Glitter. Cute, huh?}

This is the third of a series on simple bookmaking. If you missed the other two series you can find them here and here .

For complete instructions please click here {right click to download}.

Bone Folder
Cutting Mat
Book Board {5.25" x 5.25"}
Paper {Approximately 5" x 15", or in increments of 5". So 5" x 10, 15, 20", and so forth}
Patterned Paper, 6" x 6" {for your cover}
Ribbon {25-30" long, you'll need two of these}

Follow the steps given in the pdf for further details.

Fold pages in half and then half again, so that you get an accordion page.

{this is what the accordion pages should look like, once folded}

Cut off ends so that there is just 1/2 inch left and cut top and bottom at angle. Glue pages together.

Glue patterned paper onto book board. Cut off at 45 degree angle, using a slice of book board as your ruler and your cutting mat as your guide.

{example of 45 degree angle corner}

{example of book board covered in patterned paper}

Glue ribbon in center of each cover. Glue accordion pages onto covers. As shown below.

Fold together and tie ribbons at each end. Vwala! You have a beautiful book that you can give to your mother on Mother's Day.

pay it forward

{Disclaimer: Just because this is a picture of a book, doesn't mean that is what you will receive}

I was the first to comment one of my friends blog and because of it, I am going to receive a hand made gift, just from her. She had a few restrictions and this was one of them, "I make no guarantees that you will like what I make." Love it Patty! She was confident enough to post a pay it forward knowing that she could do something nice for someone else.

So, here goes..

The first five people to leave a comment in this post will receive something hand made from me.

Rules and Regulations:
1. The gift will be hand made by me
2. It will be a surprise what you are going to get, so no complaints if you don't like it when you get it
3. Please email me here with your address so that I have it on file and tell me a little more about yourself, your likes and dislikes. If you have a baby {gender would be nice to know}, or like to cook. All of these things would be nice to know.
4. You will receive the gift this year
5. You have to re-post this on your blog and offer a gift to the first 5 people who leave a comment on your blog.
6. You will need to post a picture of what you receive! This will make it fun for everyone!

Do not repost these words, they are my own.

Ready, set, go!!! Leave a comment and tell me how much you want to receive a hand made gift from me!

letterpress cards


I received these cute letterpress cards in the mail a while back when my daughter Char was born. I had completely forgotten about them. When I was working at Graphic Services {BYU-Idaho's in-house design studio} I worked with a designer named Brandt Brinkerhoff. He had a deep passion for letterpress and was asked to design these cute cards, for when past employees of Graphic Services had a baby. Aren't they adorable!

Brandt now works for VSA Partners, Inc . He was hired there immediately following graduation from BYU-Idaho. You can check out his blog or see his incredible portfolio here .

papernstitch exhibition

Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to tell you about my exhibition over at papernstitch . Papernstitch is an online exhibition space for talented artists and designers selling handmade goods. Papernstitch also has a blog . The blog not only features artist and crafters, but also features DIY projects and tutorials.

I hope you will visit my exhibition and vote for me. Simply click on the heart next to my shop. The person with the most votes at the end of the exhibition {which is May 31} wins a prize.

This is my first exhibition and I'm super excited! Thanks for your support!

happy earth day


To celebrate Earth Day 2009, I planted this little spider plant. Isn't it cute. I recently transplanted a larger plant out of this smaller planter and wanted to fill it back up. I cut off a few growths a while ago from my spider plant and have been waiting for them to grow roots. I just set them in water and let them do their thing.
I'm glad that they finally have a home.

If any of you have a spider plant, you may know that they reproduce like crazy, but they are super easy to take care of. This is the spider plant that my mom gave me and look at it now!

Thanks Mom!

exposed stitch book

Today, we will be learning how to make a simple exposed stitch book with a soft cover.

This is the second of a series on basic bookmaking. If you haven't read the first one, you can do that here .

For complete instructions please click here {right click to download}.

bone folder
scalpel {or razor blade}
cutting matte
12 sheets of paper {6.25"x 4.5"}, folded in half
cover paper {7"x 4.5"}

Prepare Signatures
Fold pages in half and nest six sheets of paper inside of each other. Repeat for second signature.

Poke holes with awl 1/2" on top and 1/2" on bottom and also at 1.5" on both sides.

This is a picture of the signatures stacked on top of each other.

Fold the cover sheet over your two signatures. {as pictured below}

Starting on the outside of signature 1, go through hole one and out hole two and into your cover sheet. Go in hole 3 and out hole four. Add signature two. Sew on signature two to your cover sheet. {For complete instructions, please download this pdf {right click to download}.

When the two signatures have been sewn onto your cover sheet, tie off in a square knot and cut off any extra thread. Also, trim off extra paper on cover. Tie with a ribbon.

Now you have a cute little book to give to your mom for mother's day, or your good friend. Or, feel free to keep it for yourself. These make perfect little books to carry around with you wherever you go, because they are so small.

If you have any other questions about how to make this book, please leave a comment below or email me here.



When it come to choosing colors for your projects, it can be rather difficult. These are a few tools that I find helpful when I am designing a color palette for a design that I am working on.

{Picture from}

Pantone Color Bridge
The Pantone Color Bridge is a tool used to bridge the gap between the Pantone Matching System colors and CMYK {Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black} four color process colors. To learn more you can visit this site .

Plus, it also has sRGB and HTML values for easy conversion of a solid color for digital design mediums.

{screenshot from Patone Colours Lab}

Pantone Coulours
I also find this site helpful when it comes to designing for digital mediums. It converts PMS colors into HEX #'s or RGB for use on the web.

Adobe Kuler
Adobe Kuler allows you to play with colors at a virtual level. You can use it to create monochromatic or even complementary color schemes. I especially love the already designed color schemes that I can just use on my designs, if I really like them. This tool comes in especially helpful when I'm having a bad color day.

{screenshot from AdobeKuler}

{screenshot from AdobeKuler}

I hope you will find these tools helpful for designing not only your projects online, but projects at home as well, like your kid's bedroom. Feel free to e-mail me some of the projects you have created using these tools.

Sweet Tweets Boutique


Print this ad and come to the Sweet Tweets Boutique at Traverse Mountain in Lehi for a free gift {while supplies last}. I'm showing my books here and would love if you are local to come out and support your local artisans.

Wish me luck!

snow in april!


This is what I woke up to! I couldn't believe it. I mean, come on! It's April for crying out loud! My husband was so upset he came rushing back in the house asking for a pair of gloves. I could only find one ski glove. He ended up having to use his whole arm to brush off the car, because the snow scraper {with brush and long handle} wasn't cutting it. He was also kind enough to brush off my car too. What a man!

I felt so sad for all of the beautiful blossomed trees. Most of their branches had broken off because of the weight of the snow. But isn't there something so intriguing about this sight? Snow, blossoms and blue sky...

my first mini series


This is going to be my first mini series on Basic Bookbinding techniques and will last for 6 weeks. Expect a post on every Wednesday. You can expect to learn some things like what supplies you will need and where to get them or how to make a signature. I hope you come back each week and let me know what you have learned and any questions you may have. I will try to do my best at answering them. I hope you enjoy this first of many more mini series to come.

Supplies you will need

• waxed thread {I like to buy embroidery floss and wax my own using beeswax}
• needles {you can purchase these at your local craft store or even Wal-mart. Make sure to purchase a curved needle as well. You want pretty large needles}
• hole punch
• balloon {this will be used to pull the needle through the holes, when it gets tight}
• clamps {these are used for holding the signatures together or clamping down your finished book to make it tight}

• scissors
• pencil
• razors or scalpel {the best are surgical blades and can be found on e-bay}
• dull paring knife {this will be used to make deckled edges on paper}
• bone folder {this can be purchased at your local craft store, or online}

{photo from}

• cutting mat {I like these green self healing mats, like this one}

{photo from Talas}

• pva {this is a special book glue that looks similar to elmer's glue, but works much much better. It can be purchased here }

• paintbrushes of various sizes {I like to have one larger paint brush, a medium sized one, and a small one for details}
• Ruler
• glass jar or paper cup {I like to use a quart-sized glass jar for canning. You will use the cup or jar to put water in}
• paper towels
• newspaper
• waxed paper {The waxed paper will be used to keep the pages of your book from sticking together while putting on covers}
• patterned papers {purchase 12x12" sheets of patterned scrapbooking papers from your local craft store}

• book board or davey board {can use an old book from a thrift store if you don't want to spend the money on buying full sheets}
• tapes {these are used to make a book that is sewn onto tapes}
• book cloth {or use my tutorial here to make your own}
• paper {This will be for your inside pages. I like to order my paper from Mohawk . They used to give out free samples, but now you have to pay for shipping which is $12.95. Order their samples of Mohawk Via Vellum. It has a really nice texture. You will want 60, 70, or 80 lb text weight paper. Do not get cover weight, you won't be able to work with it}

• accessories {This will be for later on, but I like to have accessories that I put on my books. Like beads, flowers, grommets, eyelets, elastic, ribbon and even buckles}

Well, I think that's about it. If I forgot anything, I'll let you know in the post next week. So, go out and gather all of these supplies so that we can get started and make a super cute book next week. This is what we'll be making!

{mini exposed stitch book with three signatures}

happy easter


Today we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Let us not forget the true meaning of the season.

happy spring


Need I say more. Today was a sunny day! I spent most of it outside with my daughter.

new product


A few new products in my shop .