tutorials for fiesta decorations & free downloads


Here's the tutorial and templates as I promised for the Fiesta Banner, food tags and party favor tags.

Instructions for the Fiesta Banner-you will need
• 5 to 6 different colors of plastic tablecloths from the Dollar Store (or anywhere--but why pay more than a dollar).
• 50 foot rope (again from the Dollar Store)
Silhouette machine 
• download the file  here {right click to download}.
Total cost of project= $6-7

Step 1: Cut out about 5-7 rectangles the size of a sheet of paper (8.5"x11") of each color of tablecloth.
Step 2: Stick one sheet at a time to the Silhouette matte. Load in silhouette machine.

Step 3: Using the Silhouette program (or illustrator cs2) cut out the banner. Here is what the cut sheet looks like.

Step 4. Sew onto rope. I just used needle and thread and tied simple knots on each end of the banner, as well as the center.

Instructions for simple food labels
Step 1: Download the printable/editable file here {right click to download}. 
Step 2: Using Acrobat Reader, type in the boxes provided. Here's a break down with screenshots. 

 A. In Acrobat Reader go to Forms, and then Add or Edit Fields"
B. Click on text field box and you can edit the font and font size. I suggest Warugaki. Warugaki is only $30. That's the font I used, but you can use anything.

Step 3: After typing your labels. Simply print them out, cut them on the provided crop marks and fold them in half length wise (or hot dog wise). Enjoy!

Instructions for Gracias Favor Tags

Step 1: Download the file here {right click to download}. It is a jpg and I hope it works with the silhouette. Let me know if any of you have problems.
Step 2: Stick one 8.5"x11" sheet of colored card-stock onto the Silhouette matte. Load in Silhouette machine.
Step 3: Send the jpg to the Silhouette and let it do all the work.
Step 4: Using string/raffia ribbon/ribbon tie it onto your favors. I used a simple hen & chick plant in a small pot I got at the local craft store.

I hope you enjoyed these tutorials and freebies! I'd love to see pictures of your next fiesta or party using these!

a fiesta!!!


We had a fiesta this weekend.....luckily the rain held off for about an hour during the party so that we could enjoy the fun.  This was the invitation. I added confetti to each envelope to make it even better!

Guests were greeted by a large sign telling them to "take a stache & smile." They then got their pictures taken. I hung a large sheet across our shed and snapped pictures when each guest arrived. I emailed each of them a copy of their picture.  (unfortunately it rained and smeared my sign and I quickly had to rewrite it before guests arrived...sorry so sloppy. I guess you can't have everything perfect...)

I made these paper tissue pom poms using Martha Stewart's simple instructions. I borrowed a sombrero from a lady in my neighborhood. And I made the paper mustaches using a silhouette and bamboo skewers. Super fun!

These are a few of my favorite guest photos...

Me and my husband, Chris.

Tom & Judy (our neighbors---and may I add the best neighbors in the world!!!) He's the one that helped us build our deck and fence and put in pavers! Amazing!

Kyle and Maribah (my husband's cousin's cousin---true story. She's also my massage therapist.)

These are my sisters, Rose and Penny. Isn't it so funny how short Penny is? She's 5'3" and I'm 6'1". We call her Penny little for a good reason!!! And I know, we look nothing alike... 

My sister, Penny and her husband.

Isn't she so photogenic, I love it!

More great faces! 

Here's the delicious food. Most of the recipes are from the cookbook from Our Best Bites. Their recipes are divine!!! Chris and I spent 3 hours rolling the taquitos the night before and froze them. We made a total of 60 of those babies....Chipotle Beef Taquitos and Creamy Baked Chicken Taquitos. Then we had 4 different kinds of salsa, one of them being pineapple salsa. Yum!  

I also made cilantro lime rice with crushed pineapple and margarita cupcakes (non-alcoholic, as the sign says....)

 This is the cake which everyone told me was super moist and delicious. The secret is get a recipe that calls for a pudding mix in it. I used a chocolate chip one from the Cake Doctor. I didn't get a piece...it went so fast.

Here's my hot husband getting ready to blow out his pretend lit candles (there was too much wind).
And here he is taking a swing at the piƱata. I let them use my broom stick handle, which eventually bent in half. (I secretly wanted it to break so I had an excuse to get a new one.....)

This is a banner I made out of Dollar Store table cloths and the silhouette. I'll post a tutorial later this week (I hope, no guarantees.)

These were the party favors. Super simple. I'm hoping to post the tutorial on these too. I just designed the tag and then used the silhouette to cut them out. Attached them with multi-colored raffia ribbon from World Market and the little pots were from a local craft store. I got all of the starters for the hens & chicks from a friend in the neighborhood.

Come back later in the week to get free downloads for these cute favor tags & the banner to use with your silhouette! That is, if I can figure out how to make it work with a PC...I use a Mac, so we'll see.

free printable mother's day card & last minute bouquet


If you're looking for a last minute mother's day card and gift idea, you've found the right place. Show Mom you love her with this cute bouquet of tissue paper flower pom-poms.

First, you'll want to download the FREE Mother's Day card here {right click to download}. This card is for personal use only and may not be resold. Print out the Card and right a sentimental message inside. The pdf includes four different pages. One has a blank card with just flowers, one says "to my GRANDMOTHER", one says "to my MOTHER", and the last one says "to my MUM". Print which ever page you like.

Then, you will need to make the tissue paper flowers, but not finish them. (That's what your Mom gets to do).

I used the tutorial from Martha Stewart and just changed a few things.

1. Stack four pieces of tissue paper on top of eachother.
2. Cut out 10x5" rectangles.
3. Make 3/8-inch-wide accordion folds.
4. Wrap twisty tie around center.
5. Cut ends of tissue paper to be either rounded or pointy.

This is what your tissue paper flower should look like when you send it in the mail. You will want to mail it flat.

Then, print out this tutorial card here {right click to download}. Which is also FREE and for personal use only. Put the tutorial card in the envelope, along with the tissue paper flowers and FREE card!

Now you have an easy, quick last minute idea for Mother's Day, and the best part is....well, you decide!