Wow! That was fast!


I received my swatches from Spoonflower yesterday. Wow! That was fast! I was so excited to see my design on fabric! I love it! In fact, I might just order a yard or so and make Char a dress out of it! I think it'd be worth it. What do you think?

If I were to order more of this, would you like it on a book? I could make it into book cloth. That would be a fun project as well.

Let me know what ya think.

Fresh Lemonade & Shutterfly

I'm so excited to tell you all about the designs I did for Fresh Lemonade that are now on Shutterfly. You can see all of the designs here . Just click on Fresh Lemonade on the left. Here are some of my designs. I have about 15 in the Christmas section and a few more in the baby section. It's so fun to see my designs live. Make me feel good and go buy one of my designs! hee hee hee!

FREE Swatch Day at Spoonflower


Hey everyone!
It's Free Swatch Day at Spoonflower. From now until tomorrow afternoon you can order a free swatch from Spoonflower. Just go here . Plus if you really want, you can order my fabric swatch called dixie that I entered in the Boba Baby Design Contest earlier this year. Or, go and design your own.

Here's a quick screenshot of my order totally FREE. Make sure to click on Test Swatch to get your FREE swatch with FREE shipping. WaaaaHooo!!!

Happy Shopping!