24 days of FREE downloads!!!


I'm so excited to announce that Sharon and I are going to do 24 days of FREE Christmas Downloads! We'll be sharing all kinds of exciting crafts and printables. So come on back each day to see what we have in store for you!!!

THREE new fonts!


A couple of months ago I attended a lecture from Jessica Hische (pronounced like fish). She was witty and exceptionally adorable! I enjoyed every minute of it. I have been secretly admiring her work from behind my computer screen for a while now. I wish I was as talented and as successful as her. Hopefully one day I will be.

Her work is beautiful and when I saw her newest font, Buttermilk, I fell in love. Not only is it beautiful but I've spotted it in several places over the past month, one of them being Target's new Christmas ad. Lovely. I love Target and hope to be designing girl's clothing fabrics for them one day, but that's besides the point.

The point it I could take it no longer! I had to purchase the font! I'm working on some Christmas downloads and wanted to have this in my font collection. That is one of the things Jessica talked about, purchasing fonts to pay the designers who have worked so hard designing the font, instead of stealing the font. I also recently read an article from her on pricing. I agree whole heartedly and am taking into consideration what I think my design talents are worth. If you are a designer/illustrator/typographer I highly consider reading this article!

I also purchased Strangelove and Miss Le Gatees. I decided it was high time I purchase some fonts and it's a business expense, so why not!!!

Well, come back soon because my friend and I have some amazing things planned for all of you for the month of december and it includes my favorite word, FREE!!!

Stationery card


Be Joyful Christmas Card
Turn your favorite photos into personalized Christmas cards.
View the entire collection of cards.

I just ordered my own design for FREE!!! How fun is that!

shutterfly christmas cards

I found a few more of my Christmas cards for Shutterfly listed today. Aren't these fun? I just love having creative reign. Paula Su of Petite Lemon is so fun to work with.

Also, right now, you can go here and get 10 FREE christmas cards from Shutterfly. And if you send the free code along, you'll get FREE shipping as well. Isn't this awesome!

I think I'm going to go and order a few of my own designs? Is that sad or what? Hee hee! I just can't pass up a good deal!

weeDECOR by Petite Lemon and ME


I had the privilege of working on some weeDecor for Petite Lemon. Aren't these adorable! They are vinyl wall stickers. They would look so cute paired with some PotteryBarn Kids bedding don't you think.

I just noticed they added some Christmas wall vinyl as well. I'm loving the ornaments I did (all except the reindeer that is).

caroline gardner christmas card WINNER

I can't believe I'm typing this. I have entered so many design competitions and this is the first one that I've actually WON!!!! I am so excited to be able to support Caroline Gardner and their desire to help the Meningitis Trust Fund.

This is the card that won! I'm so excited to get copies of my own to send to friends and family. I'll try and remember to take pictures of it when it arrives. I think they added glitter, oohhh!

Merry Christmas everyone, a little early I know... But I went to a wreath decorating class today and it got me all excited for Christmas. If you live in Utah County, I highly recommend going to this. There are a few more days left. It is at Gatehouse No. 1 in Orem. Here's more details if you're interested.

I always get so many great ideas just by visiting the store. And can I say trends.....Here are two 2011 christmas trends that I saw:
1. Pink, candy, glitter (visit my Pinterest Board here.)
2. Vintage, glitter, pewter (I started pinning a TON of images. See them here.)

If you haven't joined Pinterest yet, I highly recommend it. It's seriously one of the best things ever invented!!! Even better than Facebook. I'm serious!