Dental Commercial


My amazingly talented husband illustrated and animated this 30 second Dental commercial for TunnelBravo (who commissioned him to do so).

Don't you think it turned out great? I think it looks so different from any other dentists commercials. He worked long and hard on it!

Way to go Chris! I think it looks great!

If you can't see the above video, you can watch it here.

a few new projects


I've had the opportunity to make a few new things over the past month. One of them being this cute beenie newborn hat for a great friend of mine. She's having a baby...probably very soon. I love the flower. So cute.


Then another friend of mine asked me to make a wedding guest book for her cousin's wedding. She couldn't find anything like she wanted, so she hired me to make one. I was looking around a thrift store and found exactly what she wanted. So I just changed the direction of it (to make it more modern) and recovered it. I think it turned out super cute. What do you think? She was going to also put mini envelopes on each page that the guests could then right little notes and put in them. Isn't that a great idea.

(This is the before picture. Originally made in 1982-the year I was born)

(And this is the after picture.)