and the doll's dress


I just had to make a matching dress for Char's doll. She even has panties and a hair bow. Too cute, huh?

hair bow on elastic...

and a ruffle....

matching panties

a dress for Char

I've recently been inspired by reading some really great blogs on refashioning clothing and decided to make Char a dress. These are a few of them...


Megan Nielson

I found this super cute cotton plaid dress at the D.I. for only $4, but it didn't fit me.... so, I made a dress for Char out of it. The best part, it only took me like 3 hours to make. I even made a matching hair tie for her and me.

Then, I sewed her some tights out of a pair of stockings I bought at Target for only a buck! Cute, huh?

PDF Printable Valentines Day Cards


Hooray! I finished three adorable Valentine's Card now available in my etsy store . They are only $3.00 per card. Or, even a better deal, buy two of my Valentine Cards and I will automatically email you the third card for FREE! Yeah!

I had so much fun designing these. Can I just say I was having a really GOOD designing day yesterday and was able to get these done in like 2 hours. Wow!

I hope you enjoy them! Have a wonderful Valentine Holiday and celebrate all month long with the one you love! I know I am!

FREE valentine card download


Hello friends!

I hope you are enjoying this time of year. I know it's hard to think of warm and happy things when it is so cold outside, so I thought I would try to cheer you up. I'm offering these FREE Valentine card download to all my readers to say, "Thanks" for stopping by.

I hope to have some Valentine's cards available for purchase in my etsy store soon. But for now, I just wanted to get these small cards out, so that they could be used for your kids school parties, or to give to friends and family.

Use them as tags on goodies, or cut them up and paste them on a scrap booking page. The first page is the cards and the second page if for cutting purposes, or if you wanted to print on the back, you could use this as a template for writing messages and such. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

You are free to do with them as you please, but please don't sell them. If you have a friend that would also like the free download, please send them to my site.

For the free cards just click here {right click to download}.

Thanks for looking! Have a wonderful day!

Can't stand the CUTENESS!


I just had to make this bag! I couldn't take it anymore! I put off work and decided to sew me up this adorable bag from Lotta Jansdotter . I talked about her fabulous book in this post.

I made the tote in only two days. Not so bad. I desperately needed a good, sturdy bag that I could take to Church and the Library. Hurrah!

If found the denim at my mom's house (after raiding her fabric) and I found the lining fabric for only $2/yd at Home Fabrics in Boise, Idaho. Can't beat that! So, total cost of bag about $2.

What do you think? If you've wanted to make yourself a fun bag, than get Lotta's book. The instructions were simple enough and the pictures and layout just fabulous!

NEW Printable Birthday Cards



Have I got something fun for you. Three Printable Birthday Cards now available in my Etsy shop . And the best part is you can print them all over and over again. You can cut them up and use them as gift tags or put them on a scrap book page. The ways to use them are endless. And all for just $5! Hooray!


Happy New Year


Hello Everyone! Happy New Year!

I have to apologize for the delay and also for disappearing for so long. I have had family in town and then I went out of town for a week to visit more family. Needless to say, I'm trying to catch up on so many things. This blog being one of them.

I wanted to share with you what I got for Christmas.

The first is this Paper Doll Parade Notecard Set from Suzy Ultman. Isn't her stuff amazing. I couldn't resist picking this up at a local Children's Store in Salt Lake City. Later that day, I also saw it at Anthropologie . So, if you want it, head on over there or go online to Chronicle Books to purchase it for only $14.95.

Second, is this fabulous book from Lotta Jansdotter. I purchased it at Chronicle Books . I am pumped to make a couple of the bags and totes. I love purchasing books that inspire me. Not only to be more creative, but also because the books themselves have been beautifully designed. The photography is great too!

Third, was Happy Tape. Isn't happy tape so HAPPY! I can hardly wait to use it.

And fourth, but not least, is this beauty. I've been needing a new office chair for a year now. After working from home this past year and working 6+ hours per day, sitting in an office chair, I decided it was time. I purchased the Herman Miller Aeron Chair while on my trip to Idaho. Luckily, someone in Idaho was selling it. Plus it was in my size and my price range (for under $350)! Thanks Mike!