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Happy Black Friday everyone!

I got up at 5am and battled the isles of Wal-Mart and Target this morning. I got my Tupperware , $3 pj's for the kiddo and a few movies. That's all we really wanted. I'm always surprised at the craziness of it all...

To celebrate, I'm providing FREE SHIPPING on all books for two weeks!

That's right, I said

Starting today, November 27 and going until Friday, December 11.

So, head on over to my Etsy store and take advantage of this great discount!

Have a great Holiday Weekend Everyone!

and the winners are... generator has chosen the winners. Drum roll please...

The 3 winners for the 2010 Printable Postcard Calendars are...

#2 Hello, I'm Emily Clare

#13 Flying Lessons

#21 Cookie Cutter

Here is the winner for the Handmade book.

#3 Deanna

And the winner for the custom designed Christmas Card is....

#14 Malia

Thanks to everyone for participating in my one year blogiversary giveaway!

Enjoy the rest of your Holiday Weekend!

before & after credenza


What a difference a few coats of paint can make.


during (Chris hard at work, sanding it)


We might still put a really cool vinyl sticker on the front. But for now, this is so much better than it was. We picked it up at a thrift store for only $35! And spent $10 in gas to go pick it up with a truck & $20 in paint. (We won't count the $25 we spent in a semi-gloss black paint that refused to cooperate with us. So we called Rustoleum and they sent us a check for that paint. It just looked horrible. So we switched to a flat black instead and it looked great.)

Total cost for an original credenza: $65

Isn't it beautiful! I think it was worth it, but Chris did most of the work and might disagree. Hee hee hee!

christmas pennant tutorial

This simple Merry Christmas pennant was a cinch to make and only took about 2 hours.

Here's what you'll need:

Fabric, white & red (I like to use a thick muslin because it's cheap. But you could also use linen.)
Sharp scissors
1 sheet of foam that has a sticky back
long string, about 10-12 feet (depending on how long you need it)
red thread
white thread
permanent ink stamp pad

Step 1: Download this file {right click to download}, and print it.

Step 2: Trace the letter with a pencil. Then flip it over so that the letter is facing down on the foam. Scribble on the back until the pencil line transfers onto the foam.

Step 3: Using sharp scissors cut the letter out of the foam. Remove sticky back and place on a wood block. {I like to use other stamps to do this. That way I don't have to go purchase wood or acrylic backs.}

Step 4: Using the file that I have provided for you, cut out 15 triangular pennants from the fabric. I chose to use some red and some white, but you can use whatever colors you want. Iron flat.

Step 5: Using a permanent ink pad, stamp the letter onto your triangular piece of fabric.

Step 6: Using red thread, sew around the two sides of the all of the white triangles. Then, using white thread, sew around the red triangles. Also, sew red Ric-Rac across one white triangle, that should be blank. This one will be used in between the two words.

Step 7: Sew the triangle pennants onto your long string, making sure to place the triangle fabric pennant with the Ric-Rac in the middle between the "y" and the "c". Also make sure to put them in the correct order. Iron again, using starch to keep them flat and stiff.

Step 8: Hang on the wall and enjoy.

frozen knickers


I just finished designing a blog for my friend, Kersten! Go check out her amazing sewing skills here .

And isn't the name of her blog so original? I love it!

Good luck Kersten!

I'm grateful for...


1. great music . I just downloaded her newest album "Everybody". It's amazing!

2. Delicious egg nog icecream from here .

3. Beautiful fonts... Another purchase yesterday from here . This is the font I used on both the c.d. and card design.

Could life get any better than this... just kidding!

I have so much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving!

What are you thankful for?

Typography Lovings!

I have been so inspired by Jessica Hische that I decided to do a typographical card. I had so much fun doing both of these projects!

image from Jessica Hische

The first was for my friend, Jennie Larsen, who is an amazing pianist and composer. You can check out her beautiful music here . She is coming out with a new c.d. and I got to design the cover.

The second was just for fun, although i will probably end up selling this card, along with two others as a set in my etsy shop for only $5 and will be in pdf form. I'm still working on the other two coordinating cards.

How fun will it be to have original cards to give to your friends and family for the Holidays!

1 Yr Anniversary and a Giveaway

Hi Everyone!!!

Today is the day! November 19, 1 year ago I started this blog! Wow! What a day it is! Are you excited to see what's in store for 5 of my lucky readers!!!

Well, here goes.

I will choose a total of 5 winners!

3 of you will receive my pdf printable 2010 Postcard Calendar via email. Isn't that exciting!

One person will receive a book of their choice (does not include custom orders). Visit my Etsy store to see a few. Sorry there aren't many listed right now, but all of my books are in the Patina Market until Saturday evening. So I will re-list them on Monday, November 23.

And one lucky winner will receive a custom designed Holiday Card just for you. Here are a few designs that I have done in the past. You can choose to have a picture included or not. But I will design it and send you the file for you to have it printed. Doesn't that sound great?

Here are the rules:
1. Leave a comment on my blog telling me which prize you would most prefer.
2. Make sure to leave an email address so that I can contact you.
3. If you want an extra entry, just post about this Giveaway on your blog and leave another comment here telling me you did so.
4. The Giveaway will be open until Thanksgiving Day at 12:00 midnight (MST), November 26. That is a whole week, wow!
5. Giveaway winners will be announced on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, on November 27!

I can't wait to announce the winner and also announce some amazing sales the day after Thanksgiving, on November 27. So make sure that you come back to see if you've won and to get started on that Holiday Shopping!

Good luck to everyone!

new books & Patina Market


Here are a few books & cards that I did just for the show this week at Patina Market. If you are in the area, please come by.

Here's the address:
200 South Main Street
Pleasant Grove, Ut

Original Hand drawn design printed on heavy textured Mohawk paper. Beautiful! It also comes with hand dyed envelopes.

Wedding book with custom felt applique.

Amy Butler Paper with lace trim.

This is a close up of the lace....

Another Amy Butler print. Lined journal.

These are some more business cards that I made for the show. I wanted them to be have a handmade feel to them, just like my books and different than a normal business card. They are matchbook style and sewn with a dark embroidery floss. It opens up to reveal my info.

Cool huh?

FYI: If these books don't sell at the show, I will be posting them in my shop next week. Also, if you'd like me to make a custom book just for you or a friend, I can do that too!

JC Penney Designs

Here are some designs I did for JC Penney . Not sure which set they chose, but these designs can be applied to lingerie, shirt, jewelry or gift card boxes.

All patterns are copyright Pauline Grayson and Design Baks 2009.

Let me know which set you like best!