birthday gifts


Sorry everyone for not posting like I should. I guess I've let the summer get the best of me. I've been having way too much fun swimming, enjoying the sunshine, gardening and now watching my deck get built. I'll most definitely post pictures of the finished product, hopefully sooner than later.

My birthday is in a week and I'm so excited for a few things. Is it silly that I order my own gifts? Who knows better than yourself what you want right?

I'm getting these two books.

The first is mostly for eye candy, plus I love baking, hence the nickname, Muffin. I love these ladies blog, The FarmChicks , so why not get the book .

The other one is to help me take my Etsy Shop to the next level, since I really have no idea what I'm doing. I'm hoping to learn a lot from this book , plus it has really good reviews. I also love the cover. It was designed by Emily of Inside A Black Apple .

Third, I'm getting some of these from Sparkling Shamrock. I'm getting the 1/4 inch ones though. I want to make garden markers like these and also see what other types of surfaces they work on. I'm hoping leather and clay to mention just a few!

What types of things do you enjoy getting on your birthday? Do you have any traditions? Mine is to eat lime jello cake . It's sooooo good!!!