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Enjoy your weekend!

inspiration everywhere


Its true. Inspiration can come from any where and all forms, shapes and sizes. I have found a bunch of it in the last few days.

The first bunch came from World Market in Park City. How come I've never been there before! It had the most beautiful patterns and all were reasonably priced. It was kind of a mix between Anthropologie, Pier 1 and TJ Maxx, but without any clothes and at half the cost. Simply beautiful. There were so many amazing patterns. I came so close to buying some curtains for my office, but they were out. Darn! I'm definitely going back again very soon.

These are imported soaps from France. Cute.

My new rug. It works perfectly for my kitchen. Only $5!

Cute Ramekins. Again, they match my green kitchen.

Not sure what to do with this adorable napkin. But I loved the pattern so much I had to buy it. I could make a pin cushion or a seat cover. So many choices, maybe I'll have to go back and get another.

This came in a set of two napkins. Loved this pattern. Figured yellow goes well with green too right?

This next bunch is from the new Liberty of London for Target line. WOW!!! Is all I have to say about that. I went to Target yesterday morning and was in a little piece of heaven. They had these beautiful floral prints on everything from notebooks to watering cans. From lamp shades to mens boxers. Wow!!! I wanted to purchase everything.

Several ladies had their shopping carts full of Liberty of London prints. It was so exciting to see that so many other people enjoyed the prints too.

I ended up getting this adorable ceramic container, that again matches my green kitchen.

And a few notebooks.

I will need to go back again very soon. And I will probably purchase more. If it wasn't so stinkin' cute, I wouldn't have this problem. The good part is that I can count it as a business expense and it is tax deductible.

Thank you beautiful inspiration!!!

Target baby bag

Here's a few pictures of the Target baby bag. Not that exciting to you, but very exciting to me...

This is the side without glitter. You can see how dark the lion's mane is.

baby bag at Target


Was anyone else as excited as I was to get to Target today and see the new Liberty of London line? I was pumped! And everything was so much more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. I wanted to buy it all. I'll show you a few of the things that I got later, but for now I wanted to show you this bag.

{I'll try to take a picture tomorrow when the sun shines}

This is a baby bag that I designed for Target about a year ago. I knew that at least one of my bags was going into Target this March, but I didn't know which one. I was kind of hoping one of my Happy Birthday Girl bags would have made it, but it doesn't look like it's there.

But, I did find this bag. It's a little different from my original design, but still cool. And it has glitter on it.

This first design was the bag that they gave met to work with and I was supposed to design coordinating bags.

This was the other coordinating bag.

I feel so cool! I've had a few of my designs printed before, but we're talking Target! Yeah, I know. Pretty exciting. Well, it is for me at least.

tigerprint love submission

I sent in my submission to Tigerprint for the Love Typography contest just a few minutes ago. Today was the last day for submissions. I hope I got it in in time. If, not it was sure fun to do any way. Enjoy!

All of the elements were hand drawn, even the type. I really wanted it to have an original feel to it.

I think that I'll keep updated on the contests over there and try another one soon.

ceramic plate


This was so much fun to make. All you need is a ceramic marker like this one from Michael's. I'm sure you can pick one up at any craft store. After you draw your image, just let it dry for 24 hours. Then bake it in an oven for about 35 minutes. I plan on making this one into a cake plate, but for now it's a catchall.

And, this adorable plant stand is something I purchased from Patina Market. They went out of business and I got it for 50% off. Can't beat that. I'll probably stick it outside in the spring/summer and put my plants on it. I'm so excited for Spring, is anyone else?

SALE!!! 2010 Calendar HALF off!


I had a greater response than I had anticipated on the 2010 Postcard Calendar and it will now be 1/2 from now until the end of March. Thanks everyone for purchasing a calendar and supporting handmade!


Click on this link and vote for me. My design is called Dixie by mufninc. I'm on page 8. You can also vote for all your favorites. There are apparently 260 designs in this contest and they are trying to narrow it down.

I'll let you know if I make it into the finals on Thursday.

Wish me luck!