how to make your own book cloth


When it comes to book cloth, it can get pretty expensive. Book cloth can range anywhere from $12.95 to a whopping $95 for a yard or so! I personally, like to order book cloth in bulk, but when it's just you ordering the book cloth there are a few things you can do.

The first you could do is order the student value pack at Bookmakers Inc. For only $27.85 you get 5 different colors of book cloth. They are each one yard, by 24 to 26 inches wide. Bookmakers Inc. will call you and ask what kinds of colors you prefer. Basically you are getting the scraps of book cloth that they have lying around. I wanted dark greys, blacks, and browns and got instead tan, navy and maroon. So just know that you don't know what you'll receive, but it's worth a shot! And for that price you can't go wrong.

(One more note of caution: When I ordered some book cloth and pva (or glue) from Bookmakers, I was overcharged and not sent the correct items, which then took forever to get to me. So be careful and make sure that you are charged the correct amount)

But, the best way to get book cloth is to make it yourself!

Here are some easy steps to making your own book cloth.

Items needed:
• A yard of fabric. A nice cotton or home decor fabric (no knits). I love using designer fabrics, such as Amy Butler. Or my new favorite thing is to go to Pier 1 and purchase cloth dinner napkins (which have amazing pattern design on them).

• A yard of iron-on adhesive (such as Heat-n-Bond). It is a type of interfacing and can be purchased at most fabric stores.

• A yard of tissue paper, or other light-weight paper, such as rice paper

• Iron and ironing board

Step 1
Cut the fabric, adhesive, and tissue paper to the same size.
Step 2
Iron on the adhesive according to instructions on package.
(Tip: Do not use the steam setting)
Step 3
Peel off the backing from the adhesive. Place tissue paper on interfacing.
Step 4
Iron directly on tissue paper. Try to avoid any folds or bubbles. Let cool.

Now you have your own customized book cloth! See how easy that was!

Here are some good places to order book cloth, with a variety of colors and costs.

John Neal Bookseller
The Paper Studio
Bookmakers Inc

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jille said...

nice and straightforward - you would make a good recipe book compiler.
Jill E