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Well, these are some photos for my upcoming show at the Sweet Tweets Boutique. It will be this Friday and Saturday in Lehi. If you are in the area and would like to come visit Sweet Tweets Boutiques Blog.

We were lucky enough to get this table to display my product on. There are over 60 vendors and space is tight!

I thought I would mention some amazing deals I found for my displays as well as some pointers that I have learned along the journey for displaying product.

First off, when looking for inspiration, scope out what the competitors are doing. I visited a few local boutiques to see how they displayed their product. I went to Soel and noticed that not only did they have amazing and delightful product, but they knew how to display their product to make it gorgeous. I noticed they used these adorable wire baskets so that the cards and notebooks could shine. So, I went on a quest to find some wire baskets.

My first stop was the D.I. {For those of you who are not from Utah and not familiar with the D.I., it stands for Deseret Industries and is a very large thrift shop}. Much to my surprise, I found two wire baskets that were exactly what I wanted. I was pumped! I was going to try and put my product in a normal wicker basket, but couldn't see my cards very well, so I was excited to find these.

Not only did I find these sweet wire baskets, I also found this vintage Westclox wind-up clock, another vintage suitcase, and these beautiful vintage looking frames {which I will post later}. Normally, I go to the D.I. and am disappointed b/c I can't find what I'm looking for. But yesterday was awesome!

Next, I went to Saver's {another thrift shop} to see if they had any more cool stuff. I found the most amazing vintage tool box/luggage piece. I couldn't help but get it, for $10 bucks!!! Come on! I was hoping Chris wouldn't be mad at me for bringing home another luggage piece, but he thought it was so cool too, that he couldn't be mad. Hee hee.

So, make sure when displaying product to feature the products that you want to sell the most of, and let the other product act as support.

Pay attention to detail. The little things are what help it feel rounded out. Little things like this small aluminum bucket {which is holding my business cards}, or little globe ornament {which is a pencil sharpener} help to make things feel whole and complete.

Look for displaying product with or inside things that normally aren't grouped together. Like my vintage toolbox and some books. Or a wire basket with cards. I've seen such things as jewelry and a bulletin board.

Hope this helps and I'll keep ya posted and let you know how well the show goes! Go out and support your local artisans and handcrafters!


LinnieBell said...

Muffin! I love the display!!!! I'm stopping by this weekend...will you be at the boutique?


Bryan said...

good luck! If it wasn't so far I would have come for sure! Hope it went well!

Kourtne said...

I saw your display at the show - it was super cute. I'm looking to be a vendor in May...thanks for the great tips!

Muffin said...

Thanks for the comment. I'm not sure if I will be in the May show or not. What will you be selling?