an e-course on blogging


I'm doing it! I'm taking my first e-course over at decor8 and I'm sooooo excited! Holly Becker is offering the 4 week course and giving such advice as:

• Writing from the heart
• Creative post ideas
• How to build your readership
• Dealing with negativity

Space is limited to only 200 students, so if you're interested contact her here .


the_jcw said...

Hey, saw your comment on the blog. Yep, nowdays I go by James. I became finally overly sick of being mistaken for a girl and having to repeat my name over again and seeing strange looks on peoples face.
As far as shirt design goes, I am known as the_jcw. Threadless have never printed me, bad luck there. However I have been printed about 7 times on various other sites so far. I have a new shirt, a hat and a couple local shirts being printed this month. By local I mean, Chicago of course that is where I live and work now. My wife and I own a condo right outside the downtown with just blocks away from the train.
Are you guys on facebook?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm a "student" of Holly's too! Just reading through your posts and really enjoying them!

parallel-botany said...

Hey there, I just read your nice comment on my blog! Thanks :)

Your bookbinding tutorial series looks great -- very ambitious! I recently posted my first how-to ever on an Etsy street team blog, and I really enjoyed it.

Good luck!