new projects


These two projects come from Lena Corwin's new book, “Printing By Hand” . It is such a fun book full of creative ways to print on fabric and paper by hand.

I took foam w/ an adhesive back. Cut out the pieces and stuck them to a clear acrylic stamp mount. Then you apply ink or paint and apply to the fabric. This is the end result. A cute, quaint little traveler's pouch that is perfect for traveling with.

The second project was a lampshade tutorial and a simple one at that.

I bought a circular lampshade for $2 at a thrift store, cleaned it off and let it dry.

Here are the steps.

1. Cut out contact paper in the design that you want and stick it to the lampshade.
2. Cover the inside and all metal parts with masking tape and newspaper, to protect it from the paint.

3. Take it outside, lay down some newspaper and spray on paint staying about 6" away.

4. Allow to dry. Peel of contact paper, masking tape and newspaper.

It's that simple! A new lampshade that would add character to any room! Hope this gives you some ideas for creating something fun for your home!

Also, I was inspired to put up this faux wallpaper after seeing white walls for way too long. I had purchased an old book in Arizona, so that I could put new “guts” inside of it and happened to keep the insides, “just in case”. It didn’t take me too long. Just use double-stick tape and away you go. It not only adds dimension, but character to walls. Especially for those of us who are renting and can’t paint.

{Sorry for the bad quality of photos for the lampshade ones. It was before I got my Nikon D60. Oohhh, I love this camera. It takes such amazing photos, compared to my digital. Just compare the difference with the photo of the traveler's pouch in the suitcase. Isn't there a huge difference? Wow!}

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