I've been inspired lately by the lovely artist Katie Daisy . I thought I was seeing a trend with watercolor and textures, but it's all her work. First I saw her work on etsy. Then I saw some cute Valentine's Day Cards at Joanns, and then a whole endcap at Target with bags, wraps and even plates. I loved it so much, I wanted to get out the old Watercolors and try some things for a client. So, I did. It only took me an hour to find all of my supplies, but I finally did. Hurrah!

This one below is made by lots of water and adding the pigment soon after and then running it (by picking up the page and moving the water around). I then added salt as the last step and the salt picks up the pigment and makes for some sweet texture! It's my favorite!

This one was made with lots of pigment and a dry brush swept across the page. Fun, too, but not as fun as bleeding the pigment with a wet brush. 

Note: colors have been changed slightly with Photoshop on this last one, it's neater that way...hee hee hee. I'm always amazed what I can do in Photoshop.

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