my new logo


Oh I can hardly stand it! I'm getting so excited to share with you the new look of my blog and website, which will include a portfolio as well. I'm so pumped! I hope to have it up before Alt Summit which is January 18th. Woot woot!

Here's the final logo!

If you want to see more, go check out my new Facebook Page, Etsy store and Twitter Page. I'm also working on getting business cards ordered too. I'll make sure to post about those when I get them.


Unknown said...

First off, let me say that your website looks great. All the colors, buttons and elements seem to blend perfectly together, which makes it a treat for anyone who wanders into your site. Your logo looks perfect as well; it looks professionally done and anchors well with the website's layout. I noticed that the banner of your website has a different logo though. Did you have it changed or is it only for your blog?

Humberto Decius

Muffin said...

Hello Humberto, this is my even older logo. My new site is here:

and my new logo is here.

I'm working on a new site now. Should be up soon. Thanks for your kind comments.

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