Grandma's Garden


Meet Leslie. Born and raised in Longbeach, CA and known as a surfer girl. (Can you tell by the tan? By the way, she's tan year round...)

She works in the garden while watching 10 kids. Not her own, but others. She runs a daycare from her home and teaches swimming lessons. Incredible woman.

This is her garden. I envy it, after just recently moving into a new home where the backyard needs some help, especially the garden...

Isn't it beautiful? I think she should be featured in Sunset magazine or BHG. Don't ya think?

A lemon tree in Colorado?

Two cute clocks that she found at Wal-Mart for only $10. Good find Les!

Neko, the cat.

Cute sign.

Lovely pathway.

Cute archway.

Fire pit and log bench. How fun!

Peaceful stream that recycles the water. And a cute bridge. Make note of the hot tub in background. Gotta love that! The best part is that it is off of the master bedroom.

These are Char's new yellow rain boots. Aren't they adorable! Grandma Leslie got them in Japan for her son when he was only like 1 yr old. She has kept them that long. I guess that makes them vintage right? And from Japan. Can't get any cuter than that!


jqline said...

That is such a gorgeous garden! I love to be there enjoying the flowers and plants! Char's new yellow rain boots is soo cute. :D Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!


Pretty Neat Designs said...

Lovely garden! Its photos like those that make me curse my condo living.