It took about 7 hours to make 19 quarts of applesauce, but I did it! With the help of my husband and some advice from my wonderful mother and grandmother. Thanks! Plus, only one of my quarts didn't seal. Not bad, for my first go around at making homemade applesauce. Here are a few pictures.


City Chic said...

Yum! That looks tasty right now! I'm planning to go to an apple festival in a few weeks and will come home with a whole lot of apples, maybe I'll have to try to make apple sauce instead of just pies :)

strawberry lemonade girl said...

hi sassy pants! HURRAY I got my awesome book!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I took some pictures of the lovely wrapping and will be posting about it this week. SO COOL! You are such a sweetie.
I love it!

Jenn said...

Hi there. I just found you from a link from How about Orange. I giggled when I saw that she had written about her height and yours. I'm 6'1" too... not very often do I find another woman to look in the eye.

Your design work is beautiful!