my workspace


Just wanted to post a few pictures from my office. I cannot express my excitement of finally having a space to call my own. A place where I can create and make a mess and leave it behind by just shutting the door. Love it!

I consider my style vintage modern. I like modern with it's clean lines and whites with a mix of vintage with all of it's raw wood and great typography.

The closeups...

Miranda camera that someone was going to throw in the dump and I got to have it. I think it works? Photography series from TimeLife. The best books on photography.

Keys from a luggage set I bought at a consignment shop. They are smiling, isn't that cute?

A few of my new books with ruffled flowers and coptic bound. Also, a book I designed for my mother with all of her recipes in it. That is her on the front holding one of the twins.

Two great books "The elements of Typographic Style" by Robert Bringhurst and "A Smile in the Mind". I've organized all of my magazines with IKEA's holders. Gotta love these!

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Pretty Neat Designs said...

Your space looks nice and clean, yet interesting. (love the washboard) I think I could get a lot done in a space this organized. I work and work at organization and yet my office always seems to look cluttered. I think I need to do more purging than organizing.