Amy Butler Skirts


I have been busy sewing skirts for Char and I. I like to call them "mommy and me" skirts. They are made from Amy Butler fabric, which I love! I have been meaning to finish my skirt for like a year now, but couldn't get my friend to help me finish it. So, I decided I would just finish it on my own. No pattern! I kind of just made it up. And then I made up Char's pattern as well, based on another skirt that she had. Aren't they fun!


D.Jones said...

I love the skirts! And I must of late, your blog is one of my favorites to follow! i love your style and your cute ideas. You are too creative. You should come and visit Kris and I and give me a tutorial on how to be more like you! Or maybe i can just hang out on your site some more and some creativity will rub off on me :) Lets hope!!

Pretty Neat Designs said...

They are great! Love the fabric. You and Char look so cute in your matching skirts.

Watts Family said...

Yes...very cute skirts! You two are so pretty. We live in Logan, what about your family?