growth chart


Because my daughter cut up her other growth chart ( PetiteLemon sent me one of their testprints on heavyweight paper), I decided to order another one. I had recently designed this one and was waiting for it to go live on their website. I'm so glad that I got this one on CANVAS, so hopefully Char won't cut it up this time. Plus, it matches the decor in her room perfectly! Thanks Paula for the credits, so it only cost me for shipping! Nice! Plus it's nice to work for a company that makes such cute stuff!

I made that doll for Char out of vintage handkerchiefs when she was still in the womb. So fun! I also made the pennant to match her adorable bedding. I love having a daughter to sew things for!

And, here's a few more details!


Rachel said...

very cute! It turned out so great! As always! ;)

Web Design Whore said...
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Web Design Wiz said...

Cool growth Chart!