ChirpChirp {5 new patterns}


Hello Friends!
I hope you are having a good weekend. I know I am. I wanted to share with you my new paper patterns I designed for personal use. Most of the designs came to me in the wee hours of the morning when I got up to use the restroom. Seriously, the images just popped up in my head and I immediately found some paper and drew them, then attempted to go back to sleep. {which never happens because I'm a horrible insomniac}. I've been trying out the watercolors lately and decided to incorporate the watercolor textures into some of my patterns.

But other than not getting much sleep lately, I've had a terrific time crafting and using my new papers for Springtime fun! You can now purchase my new chirpchirp paper line on etsy . For only $10, you have unlimited personal use of these papers. Make pennants, cards, placeholders, name cards, party favors, notebooks or even gift tags out of these spring florals. Here are some fun ideas!

Cut out triangle shapes and glue them to string to make a pennant, then just add scrapbooking alphabet letters to make words. I also made tissue paper flowers using this tutorial. Cut out tiny tissue flowers and tape to branches.

Cut out paper and using a simple stitch sew the pages together, or just use staples. Cut out simple tags and use them on vases or for gifts.

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Rachel said...

So cute! Perfect for spring and summer! They make me happy :)