paper coterie


Paper Coterie has finally launched (well the Beta anyway)! My husband's company Rivetal created the website. And I helped create a few of their projects. I did a couple calendars and this Oh Baby book a super long time ago.

These are the original patterns and colors. It was so fun to create, because I had free rein on patterns and colors. So much fun! I used a wacom tablet to draw all the patterns. (click on images to make them bigger or visit Paper Coterie).

This is another calendar I did, probably 2 years ago. Wow, time flies.

These are my patterns, but in vintage colorways. I like it! It's totally different from the originals, but so cute!

 This is a book that my husband created like 2 years ago as well. So fun to see it finally available to purchase!


Julia Warren said...

Beautiful! Finally their site is up and I found my calendar on there as well--yay!!

Melisa said...

Beautiful designs! Congratulations!

nichole said...

so fun! is this the stuff for Jessica? i totally lost contact with her after the baby was born...

you and your husbands works is beautiful!

Muffin said...

yes. it was for Jess. So fun!