Chris and I decided to make some plush after picking up this book while on a date to B&N this Friday night. Chris made "Batty Cat Bubbles" from the book, but I made Yoto. He's a Yeti that was originally designed for a client, but I don't think he was chosen. So, I decided to make him real and mock him up.

This is Yoto. Wouldn't he be cute in a little boys room?

This is Gretchly. He is a battycat. He's got wings and a tail. Chris added the claws.


Cookie Cutter said...

Oooh! They're both adorable! I love quirky plushies! There seems to be no end to the things you can do with your hands. How talented!

Muffin said...

Awesome plushies! :) I would love that battycat. :)

Julia said...

Ahhh, dear Yoto! We actually made a few samples of him and sent them to Old Navy, who referred to him as the "square creature." Everyone in the office loved him.