another freebie


Thanks go out to Jessica over at How About Orange for putting my card up on her site! Thanks Jessica! Who knew we had so much in common? But I can say one thing, it was the milk and manure that made us so tall. Hee hee!

To celebrate the success of my previous free card download, here's another freebie. It seems that so many of you liked this pattern. So here ya go! Enjoy.

For the free card just click here {right click to download}.


LeeAnn said...

I found you via How About Orange. I now have a complex because I grew up on a diary farm but somehow missed out on the graphic design talent. You guys must of had special cows to teach you that!

Thanks for offering these very beautiful downloads!

K- said...

Hey, what is it with dairy farm girls and graphic design? I am not a graphic designer, but I wish I were. I have an immense obsession with pretty patterns (esp with orange and green). I am just a half inch over 6 foot, which I attribute being bare foot most of my childhood, even when going to the barn! Do you ladies all have red hair too?

Sara said...

Thanks for the download. Such a pretty card. Can't wait to print and send notes to all my friends.