Mochi Ball Ice Cream & A New Shirt


Charlotte and I had a blast making Mochi Ice cream using this recipe . It was a cinch. I am surprising Chris tonight (unless he reads this before he gets home...) with Mochi Ice cream and Japanese Curry. I finally discovered a little oriental Market place in Provo. I was wondering if there was any store like that for a while now. I'm so glad that I found it. I'm definitely going back to purchase Tim Tams. The first time I tried them was in Australia and I remember how good they were. But they were like $7 so I'm going to have to wait.

I found the shirt at JC Penney during their 80% clearance and got it for only $1.50. It's a size 4T, but it doesn't look it, does it. I just added the flowers by sewing on wads of strips of fabric. Cute huh? This tutorial gave me the inspiration for the shirt. So fun.

I also made Char a dress yesterday too. I was totally in this sewing mood and I couldn't stop. I don't think I went to bed till 12 midnight last night. I'll post the dress probably on Sunday. I'm giving it to Char for Valentine's Day. I can't wait for her to wear it. So cute!!!

Happy Weekend to everyone! Have a good one!!!


Sharon said...

You can buy Tim Tams at Smiths in provo now. They are on an end cap back by the veggie section. Also try biting off opposite corners and sucking hot chocolate through, it is the best thing you'll ever eat.

D.Jones said...

love the shirt on char!!! too cute. Can't wait to see the dress that you made her. And yum--ice cream. I'm going to have to try that!