boba contest


I thought I might take you through a bit of my design process as I share with you my submission through Spoonflower for the Boba Carrier .

I really had fun with this. I started with some inspiration. I can't remember where I found the tea towel, but the other two are from Heidi Popovic. I loved the colors and wanted something organic and light-hearted. The theme was nature, which left it wide open, so I decided to stick with leaves, since this would apply to both young and old, male and female.

Here is my initial sketch. Which was actually an accident that I drew over my leaves. But it turned out being a good thing.

And here is the final outcome. Once I bring it into Illustrator I just start playing with shapes that I think look well together. This one took me about 1.5 hours to do.

I thought it turned out nicely. If you would like to view more of the designs, visit the Spoonflower flickr site.

There are contests almost every week over at Spoonflower. Go check them out.

I also plan on submitting designs into a few more contests.

This love typography card contest put on by Tigerprint.

And this sock contest hosted by SockItToMeSocks.

They both look fun, huh? Good luck.

If you are a designer I would love for you to post a comment of a design you did for a contest.

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Sharon said...

I love your fabric!