Elmo Cake


You'll never believe what I got to do this weekend... I created an Elmo cake for my daughter. We celebrated her second birthday. It was so much fun watching the kids enjoy the different games, but especially the cake.

This is Char enjoying the cake!

The cake was so much fun to make. I used two round cakes and then cut them out in the shape of Elmo. I used cupcakes for his eyes and a cupcake top for his nose. It took a whole bottle of red food coloring (the real good stuff) and almost a whole pack of red Kool-aid to get the frosting red. I borrowed some cake decorating supplies from a friend and did the rest. Chris helped too and put the frosting on the sides. My hand was hurting by the time I finished the top. Sheesh!

Top view of the Elmo cake.

Do you have any pictures of fun cakes that you have made? I'd love to know. Feel free to share them with me.


tiph said...

I made a really silly Robot Bunny Castle Cake for my sister's 7th birthday in December.

hillary barney said...

love that cake! Great job!

lyndsey said...

oh my gosh way to go! that cake is awesome.

Sara PDX said...

So cute! Some of my favorite childhood memories are about the elaborate birthday cakes my mom would make - your daughter is sure to value your efforts a great deal!

Cookie Cutter said...

Wow! Elmo cake! I was crazy about cakes with cartoon characters when I was a kid. I'm sure your little girl will remember it in the years ahead :)

Julia said...

That is a bomb cake! Char has some awesome birthdays in store...her mom's got skills.