my dream studio


So, we are on our way to purchasing our first home! I'm so excited! The bank approved our offer in only like 2 weeks, which is unheard of for a short sale. But, we are so excited and look forward to decorating the way we want and painting the colors we want!

I'm so sick of white walls. I can't wait to paint my kitchen green and have a real studio! Yeah!

My favorite part about this house is that it's move-in ready. We wouldn't have to do a thing to it if we didn't want to, but I think we want to tile the bathroom, and tear out the carpet in "the studio" bedroom. There are original hardwood floors under there.

Here are a few pictures of inspiration for my studio. I have seriously been collecting inspirational pictures for the past two years! I can't wait to actually have a place to do all of my crafts and work. The past year and a half I've been working off of our kitchen table and hardly ever do we eat off of it because I have so much stuff on it. Yeah!!! I think my husband, Chris, is getting sick of eating at the coffee table with our 18 month old daughter begging for his food.

{note: Click on image for a larger view}

Here is some link love for all of my inspiration:
LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the rugs at funky rugs!

Here are a few more places to find contemporary rugs.

Places to find the fabric that I love!

And inspiration for everything else can be found at Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie . Love, love, love these stores!!! Too bad most of the stuff at Anthropologie is far out of my price range... but I can window shop can't I?

Most of the storage stuff comes from a website called . It is a little vintage shop in Los Angeles. If I lived closer, I would definitely be shopping there!


Cookie Cutter said...

Congrats on the new house!! I'm excited for you :)

Lilla Rogers Studio said...

I enjoyed reading this!