So, after some thought, I've decided that I can't keep posting all of my designs, especially those for larger companies, such as Target.


Because it's not ethical. I guess someone else could somehow see my designs and rip them off and have the exact same product that another large retailer could have and in the end, I would probably get blamed and no one would ever hire me again.

But, I will continue to give you sneak peaks and if my product does make it to the final revisions and I know for a fact that it will be in stores, I will tell you. So no fears.

Also, I guess I was so excited to show the world my designs, that I forgot to think about the large retailers in this picture.

So, sorry if any of you were getting super excited to continue to see my designs for other large companies, but I guess I'll have to keep them to myself.

But don't worry, I'll continue posting my personal designs.

Stay posted, I will be posting some screen saver designs that you can save to your desktop for free! Yeah!

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