fabric flower tutorial


I found these great fabric flower tutorials online. I've been wanting to try one of these ever since I saw them! I didn't realize how EASY they were to make. And the best part is that it requires little or no sewing.

Also, I have been wanting to try fabric covered buttons for a while and finally got around to it. I think I'm addicted to them. Plus, Joann Fabric is having a great sale right now and I found these coupons online. Check out the fabric remnants section while you're there. I found all of mine for around a $1 each.

Here are some links that I found helpful. The first is from Maize Hutton over at Maize in Montana . She came up with the adorable frayed flower tutorial, that I just adore. What a great idea.

Next is Blair over at Wise Craft . She has a great tutorial how to make a fabric flower and even a pdf that you can print out of the flower, so that it makes it easy to cut out. Adorable!

The third one if from Kristin at Grace Violet . I haven't tried these flowers yet, but I'm going to soon. Wouldn't that be fun to put on a shirt.

Here's a great idea...

{wear it in your hair or...}

{or on your clothes...}

To do this, sew on a small oval piece of felt onto the back of each flower. Then hot glue an alligator clip and a pin onto the felt. That way, you can wear it in your hair or on your clothes. Fun, huh?


Cookie Cutter said...

Nice! I am still obsessing over fabric flowers (mostly as dramatic headpieces).

Atif said...

so pretty tutorial. i like your fabric flower tutorial.

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