green kitchen


I've been getting requests to see more pictures of my kitchen, so here ya go... I have wanted a green kitchen since I could remember. I found this strainer at Ross and fell in love with it. I only paid $8 bucks for it. Not bad.

I made the curtains from IKEA fabric. I just cut the fabric in half and then added rice to the bottom in a type of pocket to keep it hanging straight. As you can see, one curtain is shorter than the other. That's because I forgot to wash the fabric before I made the panels. Then my daughter decided to spill orange juice on it and I had to wash it, and it shrunk. I guess I should wash the other 3 panels, but that would mean taking out all the rice and then having to put it back in again, and who has time for that?

I painted the electrical box with chalkboard paint. It was this ugly gray thing, and now we use it to leave messages to each other.

The chairs I found at Target. I couldn't believe that they were the same color as my walls. If you like the paint color, it is Behr Scotland Isle 410D-5D. It's kind of an asparagus green. Whenever I see my kitchen, I just smile. It's my happy space! Do you have a happy space in your house that you'd like to share with us? Just leave a comment and a link.


ellsworth family said...

I love, LOVE your kitchen. I need a green room. It would be my happy room also.

Julia Warren said...

I love your asparagus-green kitchen. I want to hang out in it with you.

Cookie Cutter said...

Nice kitchen you have there! Green gives such a rejuvenating feeling! Especially like the "transformed" electrical box.

Anonymous said...
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