some designs & 1 yr anniversary


For those of you who have been wondering what I've been up to these last few weeks, here's a sneak peak...

These designs are based on fashion trends. Color Palettes were chosen from the Spring 2010 Hot Colors for the Pantone Guide. Have fun looking!

Note: No pictures have references, because I look at hundreds and hundreds of images for inspiration and no idea which website I got them from. But here are a few of my favorite places to look for trends and inspiration.

• Style Me Pretty
• Darby Elizabeth Photography
• Brandon Kidd Photography
• Decor8
• Print&Pattern
• Ruche

All patterns are copyright Pauline Grayson and Design Baks 2009.

I have a lot more to show you, but I will post those either tomorrow or Wednesday. Hope to see you then. Also on THURSDAY is my one year anniversary! I will be having a giveaway! So stay tuned!!!


kersten said...

You are amazing! You do know that, right? How do you ever find time to help me out?

Jenette said...

I love all the designs! I totally see myself wear/buying them.