christmas pennant tutorial


This simple Merry Christmas pennant was a cinch to make and only took about 2 hours.

Here's what you'll need:

Fabric, white & red (I like to use a thick muslin because it's cheap. But you could also use linen.)
Sharp scissors
1 sheet of foam that has a sticky back
long string, about 10-12 feet (depending on how long you need it)
red thread
white thread
permanent ink stamp pad

Step 1: Download this file {right click to download}, and print it.

Step 2: Trace the letter with a pencil. Then flip it over so that the letter is facing down on the foam. Scribble on the back until the pencil line transfers onto the foam.

Step 3: Using sharp scissors cut the letter out of the foam. Remove sticky back and place on a wood block. {I like to use other stamps to do this. That way I don't have to go purchase wood or acrylic backs.}

Step 4: Using the file that I have provided for you, cut out 15 triangular pennants from the fabric. I chose to use some red and some white, but you can use whatever colors you want. Iron flat.

Step 5: Using a permanent ink pad, stamp the letter onto your triangular piece of fabric.

Step 6: Using red thread, sew around the two sides of the all of the white triangles. Then, using white thread, sew around the red triangles. Also, sew red Ric-Rac across one white triangle, that should be blank. This one will be used in between the two words.

Step 7: Sew the triangle pennants onto your long string, making sure to place the triangle fabric pennant with the Ric-Rac in the middle between the "y" and the "c". Also make sure to put them in the correct order. Iron again, using starch to keep them flat and stiff.

Step 8: Hang on the wall and enjoy.

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