sewn with screws


This book is a simple japanese stab bound style book, but it is bound with special binding screws instead of being sewn. This makes it extremely easy.

This is the fourth of a series on simple bookmaking. If you missed the other series you can find them here , here and here .

For complete instructions please click here {right click to download}.

Patterned Paper
Bone Folder
2 Binding Screws
Cutting Mat

30-45 minutes

Prepare Paper
Cut paper to be 5.5” x 6.5” {or whatever size you like}

Cut three pieces of book cover. One will be 5.625” x 5.5“, 1”x 5.5“ and 6.875” x 5.5“ {the first two will be your front cover with a hinge and the last is the back cover}

Cover book board with patterned paper.

Glue on book cloth onto hinge and wrap around back.

Glue on a piece of paper to the inside of your covers.

To finish the book, simply punch holes in two places of the center of your hinge piece of your book board. Punch holes through all pages, as well as back cover.

Poke binding screws through back cover first and then slide on each of your pages in sections. Put front cover on and screw down.

{Note: For a picture of what binding screws look like, you can see them
here . I purchased mine at a local hardware store.}

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