corky house


These corky little objects sit outside a house that I run by frequently. Aren't these cute? She has probably 50-75 different toys in one of her flower beds. It's the cutest thing. She even has a mailbox that says Hubbard. I've seen her once, she's this short old lady with the sweetest smile.

It's great to have some character in the neighborhood. Most of the homes in Utah look alike. We call them cookie cutter homes. Most people decorate the same way too. It's so refreshing to look at homes that have character. We're looking at buying a home some time this year and have been looking around. It's so hard to find that "perfect" home. I realize that we're going to have to compromise on a few things, but character is not one of them.

I'll keep you posted when we find our first home and I'll make sure to post some before and after pictures, because in our price range, it's going to need some work.

Do any of you have tips for buying a home? Especially first time home buyers?

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Anonymous said...

That is indeed a cute little house. I can just picture that sweet old lady with a sweet smile. :)
Must be really exciting to look for a home and i guess could be very tiring as well. I don't have any tips for you. >_< I too would fall into the first time home buyers category.
But i would love to see before and after pictures! Have a lovely merry happy day! Love to you!