When it come to choosing colors for your projects, it can be rather difficult. These are a few tools that I find helpful when I am designing a color palette for a design that I am working on.

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Pantone Color Bridge
The Pantone Color Bridge is a tool used to bridge the gap between the Pantone Matching System colors and CMYK {Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black} four color process colors. To learn more you can visit this site .

Plus, it also has sRGB and HTML values for easy conversion of a solid color for digital design mediums.

{screenshot from Patone Colours Lab}

Pantone Coulours
I also find this site helpful when it comes to designing for digital mediums. It converts PMS colors into HEX #'s or RGB for use on the web.

Adobe Kuler
Adobe Kuler allows you to play with colors at a virtual level. You can use it to create monochromatic or even complementary color schemes. I especially love the already designed color schemes that I can just use on my designs, if I really like them. This tool comes in especially helpful when I'm having a bad color day.

{screenshot from AdobeKuler}

{screenshot from AdobeKuler}

I hope you will find these tools helpful for designing not only your projects online, but projects at home as well, like your kid's bedroom. Feel free to e-mail me some of the projects you have created using these tools.

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jessica said...

Great post! I LOVE kuler and have used it with much success. Nothing beats a clever color combination.

PS I love your "about me" page. So much info! Love that!