Day 23-Last Minute Christmas Stickers


This is a super easy and fun way to make a gift a little more unique. Simply add a sticker to your holiday package. These come in two colorways, red or pink. You will need Avery 2 inch Round Labels, product number 22807. All you need to do is download the pink one or the red one, push print and you're set.

Use these fun stickers to make sure your holiday cards make it to their destinations. My sister, Anna, didn't want to lick her envelopes and instead used a baby wipe....the opened envelope when it arrived to me without the card. So sad. Make sure that doesn't happen to you by making these simple Stickers, or use them to brighten up a package.

Comes in either pink or red colorways.


clu60 said...

hmmm, I tried to download and it came back with an error. They are so lovely!

Muffin said...

sorry about that. the links are working now. thanks for your patience.