leather scripture case


My brother-in-law, Nick, asked me to make him a scripture case for his mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Instead of sewing him one with fabric, I decided to make him one from leather. I've never sewn with leather before. I went to Tandy Leather in Provo to get the supplies. I think it turned out nice. The best part is, is that both his hymn book and scriptures are each wrapped with leather and can be bound with the strap either together or separately. 

This is Nick. Isn't he handsome! I'm so proud of him for choosing to serve a 2 year mission.

This is a picture of the side. You can see how the hymn book comes out. That's why there are 2 snaps.

Since I had all my leather out, and I needed to practice a snap on a scrap piece first, I decided to make myself a bracelet. I'll probably do a tutorial on this leather bracelet later. But for now, here's a picture.

I also made Charlotte one. Except I hot glued lace to here to make it more feminine.

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Jenette said...

How fun! I always wanted to work with leather but never have---my dad surprisingly is really good at it.