vintage circus birthday invitations


I designed these vintage circus looking birthday invitations for a friend of mine with twin boys. Amy and I have very similar tastes and style. In fact, more than once we will find out that we have both painted our bedrooms the same color or bought the same fabric. So funny! Her twin boys just turned one! So excited for her, and what better way to celebrate than with a party.

If you would like to know the fonts I used here's the list:RosewoodLucia, Clarendon, Captain Howdy (free), Falstaff, Chevalier Stripes, Bodoni Poster Compressed, & Plantagenet Cherokee (free).Oh, and on a side note, I got to hear Jessica Hische (pronounced like fish, but with an "h") last week, and she was simply amazing! So thank you Jessica for inspiring me to do better designs. One thing that she said that will always stick, is "Don't steal fonts!!!" How hard it is not to do that. You know the disc that get's passed around from design class to design class with the 1,000 free fonts! I know I still have many of those fonts on my computer. But, needless to say, we can all do better by actually purchasing the fonts that font designers actually spend so much time designing! Let's all support our creative community by making others pay for what we design as well!Good thoughts Jess and again thanks so much for traveling all the way to Utah to speak to us! Amazin


Sharon said...

These are so amazing, I love them!!!

EmCallChantaraud said...

Love these cards!!