tutorials for fiesta decorations & free downloads


Here's the tutorial and templates as I promised for the Fiesta Banner, food tags and party favor tags.

Instructions for the Fiesta Banner-you will need
• 5 to 6 different colors of plastic tablecloths from the Dollar Store (or anywhere--but why pay more than a dollar).
• 50 foot rope (again from the Dollar Store)
Silhouette machine 
• download the file  here {right click to download}.
Total cost of project= $6-7

Step 1: Cut out about 5-7 rectangles the size of a sheet of paper (8.5"x11") of each color of tablecloth.
Step 2: Stick one sheet at a time to the Silhouette matte. Load in silhouette machine.

Step 3: Using the Silhouette program (or illustrator cs2) cut out the banner. Here is what the cut sheet looks like.

Step 4. Sew onto rope. I just used needle and thread and tied simple knots on each end of the banner, as well as the center.

Instructions for simple food labels
Step 1: Download the printable/editable file here {right click to download}. 
Step 2: Using Acrobat Reader, type in the boxes provided. Here's a break down with screenshots. 

 A. In Acrobat Reader go to Forms, and then Add or Edit Fields"
B. Click on text field box and you can edit the font and font size. I suggest Warugaki. Warugaki is only $30. That's the font I used, but you can use anything.

Step 3: After typing your labels. Simply print them out, cut them on the provided crop marks and fold them in half length wise (or hot dog wise). Enjoy!

Instructions for Gracias Favor Tags

Step 1: Download the file here {right click to download}. It is a jpg and I hope it works with the silhouette. Let me know if any of you have problems.
Step 2: Stick one 8.5"x11" sheet of colored card-stock onto the Silhouette matte. Load in Silhouette machine.
Step 3: Send the jpg to the Silhouette and let it do all the work.
Step 4: Using string/raffia ribbon/ribbon tie it onto your favors. I used a simple hen & chick plant in a small pot I got at the local craft store.

I hope you enjoyed these tutorials and freebies! I'd love to see pictures of your next fiesta or party using these!


Susan Crabtree said...

Love these!

Grace Keogh said...

Looks gd, thanks for sharing I'll have to try this.

anelieze castrejon said...

Hi! I was wondering, what setting did you use to cut the plastic tablecloth on the portrait? I'm planning to make a banner for my mom's birthday this weekend and it would go a lot faster and easier! Thanks for the idea.


Rosa Moreno said...

I just found your Pinterest Fiesta posting and I loved it! However, I visited your site and the downloads aren't available anymore. Is it possible for you to email me the downloads? I'm planning a Fiesta 1st birthday party for my grandson and all of your downloads would be so helpful. Here is my email address: castellanos.cool6@verizon.net
I would greatly appreciate it.