rolled fabric flower button


So, I couldn't find any buttons that I liked for Char's Easter dress, so I decided to make some cute rolled fabric flowers to go on an existing button. The tutorial is below. Super simple...

I started by using this tutorial for rolled fabric flowers. Cut a one inch strip, fray one side, and iron in half (length-wise).

Glue the rolled fabric flower onto a loop button (it has to have a loop, or else this won't be able to sew the button onto anything).

 Continue to glue the fabric all the way around the button, twisting the fabric as you go.

Glue the fabric onto the back of the button, making sure NOT to glue the inside of the loop on the button.

Here's the finished flower. You can see the loop on the back of the button.

Then, sew the button onto your project. In this case, mine is my daughter's Easter dress.

Here's the finished dress. I'll make sure to take pictures of Char in it on Sunday and post them next week!

I also made a matching bow. So cute!


Carlie said...

You're amazing! So cute!

Jenette said...

That is a very cute dress!