Owl Eye Mask Tutorial


I'm an Insomniac. There, I admitted it. Well, to help me sleep I've decided to make one of these adorable owl eye masks. I lined it with flannel and it took me less than an hour to make. You are welcome to download the printable pdf directions here {right click to download}.

First, cut out 2 of every piece, except the beak. I used flannel for the inside and it is nice and soft. You will also need a piece of elastic long enough to stretch around the back of your head (10-14inches).

After cutting out the pieces, using Heat 'n Bond . It's a now sew interfacing that sticks things together. Cut out each piece and follow the directions to apply the Heat 'n Bond to each Eye piece and beak.

Then Iron them on. After ironing them on, you will need to zig zag around each piece.

Put right sides together and sew front to back, leaving opening on ends to sew in elastic. Put in elastic, hold with pins and sew a topstitch around the top of the eye mask.

Viola! As simple as that!

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