Frito Lay Commercial


Love all of these commercials for Frito Lay called "Made For Each Other! The creative director, Alexandra Tyler has done an amazing job directing and working with amazing animators. Click on her name to learn more about her and see some more fun commercials

This one is my favorite. I absolutely love the originality of it all and the music. I would love to know who animated each commercial.

Image from "what's alex been up to?" LITTLE BRIGHT EYES. In collaboration with PostPanic and Fons Schiedon. Featuring the sweet little ditty "Vertigo" by Anya Marina

Click here to watch it on youtube.

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strawberry lemonade girl said...

You are so super sweet lady! Thanks for the luv....we had so much fun working on these and I'm always so happy to find that people out in the real world love 'em too!