That's right! I'm having a sale over at my etsy store on all books.

That's 20% off on all of my books! I'm clearing out the old inventory and getting ready for the new. Just type in code MUFNSALE when you order and I will refund your paypal account the 20%.

Better get them before they're gone! Thanks for shopping.


cabin + cub said...

your etsy shop is so cute! yay sale! ;)

lyndsey | paper girl said...

yay! thanks for the comment! and THANK YOU for donating your amazing cards to dionne's goodie bags -- i've literally already used all but two of them :)

these books are very cute -- i'm going to link to them to tell my readers about your sale, if you don't mind.

nice to virtually meet you! hope we keep in touch via the blogosphere :)

Dionne said...

Your books are so gorgeous! I am sure that people will be stoked about the sale you've got going on!