a cool work space


So, after getting laid off at my job a few weeks ago, I knew I needed a new workspace. I drew my inspiration from these desk legs in West Elm. But, considering that they were way out of my budget, I decided to ask my dad if he would build them for me instead. He found some scrap metal at a motorcycle shop {for FREE} and then welded these together using the diagram and pictures that I sent him {see below}. I think they turned out AWESOME!

We then painted them with a Rustoleum "hammered texture" paint. We were originally planning on getting a stainless steel table top from IKEA, but found this natural wood one for 1/2 the cost and got this one instead. It's over 6 feet long!

The luggage are pieces I have picked up at various locations, but are all antique and will be used to display my books at various boutiques and art shows.

I had Chris build me a small shelf for the printer and a cool box to put the computer on, which we also painted with the hammered textured paint. {the box keeps me from hunching over to look at the screen, because it is eye level now.

In order to work more efficiently, I needed an inspiration board. Not wanting to spend any money, I took an old painting {that I was going to throw away anyway} and tore off the canvas. Then I sanded down the wood and stapled some nylon cord across the wood frame. I already had these mini clothespins and used those to hang my inspiration. So far, so good, right? {I'm still going to glue these cute buttons on my clothespins, I just haven't done that yet}.

The books pictured are reading material. The black one is "The Elements of Typographic Style" by Robert Bringhurst. If you are interested in graphic design this book gives you all the do's and dont's of typography. I love typography and I love this book. It can be found here for as low as $12.88. But beware, it can be hard to understand if you are just starting out designing.

The book underneath it is by Ellen Lupton and would make a great starter book. It is titled "Thinking with Type" and can be found here for as low as $9.44.

The antique book in front of the keyboard is a book that I gutted and put new pages in. Then it got wet, so it looks even more antiqued. But I love it. It's my inspiration book. I feel that everyone should own an inspiration book or thought book. Something to put all of your ideas in and then reference back to it so that you can work on those projects.


Higgs Happenin's said...

Hey Mufin, I don't know if you remember me from a few years ago, I was in that money management class with you at BYU-I. Anyways I was excited to see your blog because I remembered how creative you are, and how good you are at designing stuff! LOVE your workspace it looks really neat! I also love the thought books, I think it's a really good idea! I remember you showing me one you made once and I thought it was the coolest thing ever!

Julia said...

Awesome desk and workspace! How inspiring. That Bringhurst book is hardcore. Once I was reading it on a plane and the guy sitting next to me asked to borrow it...then gave it back to me after a minute because he couldn't understand a word. :)